2019 Earth Day Compilation

2019 Earth Day Compilation



Mourning Records’ 2019 Earth Day compilation consists of 30 bands that are on and off roster. All proceeds from the cassette is being donated to the Alachua Conservative Trust (ACT), located in Gainesville, Florida. Their mission is to ‘protect the natural, historic, scenic and recreational resources in and around North Central Florida.’

All cassettes are hand numbered and housed in a clear Norelco case with a 3-panel J-card with a ultra clear cassette.

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Artwork credits to Sarah Maine and Lauryn Eaton

thank you for all the support. All rights reserved.


A1. To Love and Grow - What We Use as Stepping Stones (From 2015 EP ‘To Love and Grow)
A2. Rose Gold - Law of Relativity (From 2019 LP ‘In Us We Trust’)
A3. Ghostpool - Bug (From 2019 EP Split w/ Hand Out ‘N Y L A’)
A4. Goth Dad - Fade (From 2018 EP ‘Fade’)
A5. Magnolia Park - Desperate (2018 Single)
A6. Northernstate - Moving (From 2018 EP ‘Habits’)
A7. Summer Homes - Charteux (From 2017 LP ‘Post Human’)
A8. Hand Out - Tim Song (From 2019 EP Split w/ Ghostpool ‘N Y L A’)
A9. Joshua Creek - IVY (From 2018 EP ‘Blur’)
A10. Boston Marriage - Gowns (From 2017 EP ‘Personal Space’)
A11. Birthright - Light of Your Love (From 2018 LP ‘Let Me Down Easy’)
A12. Bay Street - Sucker Punch (2019 Single)
A13. Expert Timing - Little Amount (From 2018 LP ‘Glare’)
A14. Heavy Tides - Impervious (From 2017 EP ‘Overgrown’)
A15. Inside Voices - This Cab Needs Wheels (From 2018 LP ‘Consecutive Normal Songs’)
A16. Cuzco - Sober Island (From 2019 LP ‘Sketchbook)
A17. Carpool - Idaho (From 2018 EP ‘I Think Everyone’s a Cop’)
A18. Overthinker - Cynical (From 2019 EP ‘Overthinker’)
A19. Anxioushum - Fickle (2019 Single)
A20. Riley! - Fight Milk (From 2018 LP ‘RILEY!’)
B1. Stars Hollow - Tadpole (2019 Single)
B2. Cascades - Straight Cash Homie (From 2018 EP ‘Cascades Demo’)
B3. R-Dent - Suffer Sober (From 2017 LP ‘Life With No Tutorial’)
B4. You Vandal - Still The Same (From 2017 LP ‘I Just Want to Go Back to Hell’)
B5. Heartbreak etc - the cerulean cave giveth and taketh away (From 2019 Split w/ Aveline Wallflower)
B6. Previous Love - Optical Illusion (2018 Single)
B7. Close Kept - Better Yet (From 2018 LP ‘Better Yet’)
B8. Schmave - Hand Washed Clothing (From 2017 LP ‘Painted Post’)
B9. Sports Reference - Doctor Everest (From 2017 EP ‘Somewhere Else’)
B10. SØREN - Sunsetter (Thousand Crows) (From 2019 EP ‘Kingdom’)


All cassettes are hand numbered out of 50 and will be on ultra clear.


This is a pre-order item. All cassettes are set to ship towards the end of May.

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