Mourning Records Cassette Bundle

Mourning Records Cassette Bundle


Snag all of Mourning Records’ recent cassette releases of 2018 in one place for one price. The bundle includes:

MR001: SVEN - Seventeen EP on Solid Pink cassette
MR002: Hand Out - Blood & Water on Transparent Aqua Blue cassette
MR003: Hand Out / Ghostpool Split - N Y L A on Double Clear cassette
MR005: Funeral Attire - If You Love Me Let Me Die on Light Blue cassette
MR006: Mourning Records’ 2019 Earth Day Compilation featuring 28 bands on Ultra Clear cassette
MR008: Summer Homes - Post - Human on Baby Pink cassette

All these releases were released during our first year, from August of 2018 to June of 2019.

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