‘A wake; a shame; a page; a stain.’

The five piece melodic hardcore/spoken word project based from Cedar Valley, Iowa entered the scene in 2015 with meaning and drive. In each release put out by the band has been nothing short of moving chords and powerful lyrics. avoid. has put out a two song single titled ‘Once/Again’ and two EP’s, ‘There is Always a Reason to Carry On’ and ‘everything ends.’

"avoid. has always been about rightfully expressing your true self, taking care of your mental health, and overcoming your darkest thoughts and emotions. This is highlighted in Everything Ends, the band’s third record, released on February 16th of 2018." -Tunnel of Trees (avoid. Waves Their Final Goodbye)

Unfortunately, in June of 2018, the project decided parted ways to pursue other endeavors. They played their last show in that September with some local friends. avoid. has played with several other up-and-coming projects on several tours, such as Rose Gold, Frail Body, Summer Homes, and Vitamin K.

“We are amazed and beyond grateful that anyone took time out of their day to listen to the songs that five kids from Iowa wrote. We went places we never thought we could or would. We’ll always have our art and the memories we made in the process of creating and showing it all.” – Nick Booth (Dear Untitled - A Parting Farewell to avoid.)

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Nick Booth / Vocals
Chris Boeck / Guitar/Vocals
Dylan Giberson / Guitar
Jon Grimm / Bass
Alex Dickinson / Drums