What is Media Mail?

Media mail is an affordable shipping option for all audio and literature. This option is only for CDs, cassettes, vinyl, and all literature in our store; meaning, apparel and bundles do NOT qualify for media mail. Here in Florida at least, the USPS (United States Postal Service) has the right to check media mail packages. We don’t want to get in trouble for cheating the system and we don’t want to hear from you guys about the mail carrier asking you to pay up because your items weren’t in the media mail description.

Unfortunately, without our control, the media mail option cannot be removed due to the server we use. So, if media mail is selected for your order that does not meet the description, you will be emailed regarding your order for the remainder amount of the preferred option (Priority/First Class) or a full refund.

ALSO, a little bonus. If you select media mail, you COULD receive an extra item. Who knows?

My pre-order isn’t here and it is passed the release date?

We try to send out all pre-orders at the beginning of that week of the release date, so your order can reach you in time. Media mail is a shipping option and can range from 2 day shipping to 8 day shipping, give or take where you are located.