Funeral Attire



‘Funeral Attire are a post hardcore band that formed in Boston, MA in 2015. After the release of their first LP “Joy” in April 2016, the band began hitting the road, playing shows all over the northeast, and garnering a loyal fanbase with heartfelt lyrics woven into their signature blend of post-hardcore aggression and emo authenticity. The band’s third release “If You Love Me Let Me Die”, due to release on August 18th of this year, is packed with the all the best parts of their previous releases, but refined into a more polished sound, leaving only an intense, personal, and genuine portrayal of what’s next for the band.’ - New Noise Magazine (Music Video Premiere: Funeral Attire – “Sway”)

Later teaming up with Mourning Records in early 2019 to re-release as a re-issue ‘If You Love Me Let Me Die’.

Funeral Attire has performed with some upcoming artists in the scene today; such as, Summer Homes, Gatherers (via Equal Vision Records), Valleyheart (via Rise Records), Capsize (via Equal Vision Records), Ghost Key (via In Vogue Records), and Actor Observer (via No Sleep Records).


Brendan Spadaccini - Vocals 
Christian Wilder - Guitar/Vocals 
Christian Culajay - Guitar 
Chris Donis - Bass 
Frankie Hardy - Drums