Rainsound is a 4 piece post-hardcore band from Lowell, MA that uses pure emotional grit as one of the main driving forces behind their music, orchestration, and inflections. Their sound embodies dynamics of bright & piercing riffs, progressions, and vocals alongside complimentary flares of hazy ambience.

Formed in late 2015, Rainsound released their first single, ‘Thirty One,’ in early 2016. While this song may have offered an indie-emo edge to their post-hardcore roots, Rainsound has since evolved into a band that strives to use passionate lyrics behind vibrant tonality to accentuate and invoke a more fiery sound. Later experimenting those post-hardcore roots with their 2017 two song single ‘Kindling.’

Two years after ‘Kindling,’ the band joins Mourning Records to release their debut two-song single 'our bones were never meant to last.’ Rainsound has performed with both familiar and up-and-coming bands such as: Vein (Closed Casket), Daisyhead, Looming, Aviator, Actor|Observer (No Sleep Records), and Blis.

‘our bones were never meant to last’ out August, 23rd, 2019 via Mourning Records.


Lowell, Massachusetts

Nick Donnellan / Vocals/Bass
Dan McCarthy / Vocals/Guitar
Evan Kelley / Guitar
Dakota Tresback / Drums