SØREN is a Long Island based Screamo / Post-Hardcore project formed in 2018. Set out to blend decades of musical influences to create something fresh while still reminiscent of the past. Blending While the band is fairly new, it is comprised by LI scene veterans who have been part of the scene for over 10 years in a variety of local bands including, The World Between, Survivors Guilt, Ides, Truth in Transit, and Parkdale.
With the love for the local scene and a D.I.Y. mindset, SØREN has no preference playing shows in any genre from Pop-Punk to Hardcore. They have performed alongside bands like Hand Out, Summer Homes, With the Punches, and Blue Heaven (No Sleep Records).


Origin: Long Island, New York


Tim Serr - Vocals
Daniel Lukach - Guitar/Vocals
Tom LaVecchia - Guitar
Matty Poulos - Bass
Nick Cassero - Drums